Background Options

As a launching pad for character back stories, players may choose one of the following background options. Each one comes with a small game benefit, usually a small skill modifier, but you’ll search in vain for significant advantage. The bonuses are intentionally small because a character’s past should not overshadow that character’s present. Think of these backgrounds as aids to roleplaying, not the means to eke out an incremental advantage to a skill check.

Some backgrounds are identified as being particularly good for a given race or class. Check the ones for your race and class out first, of course, but don’t limit yourself to those. Sometimes it’s fun to play against type and choose a background that stands at odds with what people would expect from your race and class. It’s your story, and your PC is a singular character within it. Don’t feel like you have to obey a sort of demographic imperative to be a “typical” elf or a “typical” fighter.

Note: These background options originally appeared in the Dragon Magazine article Characters of War and are listed in the official Character Builder under the Scales of War Adventure Path.

Apprentice of Sinister CabalWarlockMissing MasterWizard
Arcane Student Who Saw Too MuchWizardMonster HunterRanger
AssassinRogueNoble Bred for WarWarlord
Auspicious BirthClericNoble ScionHuman
Born Under a Bad SignWarlockOfficer Who Came Out of RetirementWarlord
Brother in BattleDwarfOn the Run from the DevilWarlock
Cat BurglarRoguePolitical RebelRogue
Cloistered PriestHumanPrison ConversionPaladin
Con ArtistHalflingRecent ConvertCleric
Crusading ZealotPaladinRedemption SeekerDragonborn
Cult EscapeeTieflingRiver SmugglerHalfling
DetectiveHalf-elfScion of an Ancient BloodlineTiefling
Eldritch HarlequinEladrinScorned NobleDragonborn
Forest WardenElfSeeker for the Lost ClanDwarf
Former BarbarianFighterSilent HunterElf
Former GladiatorFighterStreet UrchinHalfling
Fugitive from a Vengeful RivalRangerTrained from Birth for a Specific ProphecyPaladin
Gritty SergeantHumanTraveling MissionaryCleric
Haunted VeteranFighterVet Who Can’t Let GoWarlord
ImbuerWizardWandering DuelistDragonborn
Last of the BreedRangerWandering MercenaryHalf-elf
Magic ScholarEladrinWarsmithDwarf
Merchant PrinceHalf-elfYoung CutthroatTiefling

Background Options

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