Sandpoint History

The Founding of Sandpoint

In 4665 A.R. four powerful families from Magnimar formed the Sandpoint Mercantile League and sailed north from the city intending to claim the area for the establishment of a new settlement. When they arrived, they found that the cove was already occupied by a large tribe of Varisians. Despite offering the native Varisians an important place in the new township, negotiations stalled shortly after commencing, causing some members of the Scarnetti family to decide take matters into their own hands.

The Scarnettis raided the Varisian camp intending to kill them all and deflect the blame onto the local goblins. Overconfident of their own abilities, and more than a little drunk, they only managed to kill a few Varisians before they were forced to flee for their own safety. As a result of this ill-advised raid, the entire Sandpoint Mercantile League was forced to return to Magnimar and spent the next few months dealing with the repercussions. Thanks to the diplomatic efforts of Almah Deverin, the four families narrowly avoided punishment as an arrangement was brokered that was designed to not only to bring peace between them and the Varisian tribe they had wronged, but also to salvage the plans for the township’s foundation.

The league agreed to include the worship of Desna within the cathedral planned for the new town and that the Varisian Council would also receive a generous share of the profits made by the town’s businesses for the next 40 years. As a result of this deal, construction was soon started on the town’s first buildings with the full support of the local Varisians, and Sandpoint has flourished in the 42 years that have passed since its rocky inception. Despite the fact that the initial term of the deal has expired, the town’s government has recently agreed to continue payments to the Varisian Council for a further 20 years.

The Late Unpleasantness

Five years ago (4702 A.R.) the sleepy town of Sandpoint suffered from the depredations of a serial murderer.

Sandpoint History

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